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Purpose Customs Tour de Chiang Mai Doi Inthanon Jersey

Although in general, we do not do custom jerseys because of the difficulty in maintaining design, style and product quality; we had taken exception with a group of Singapore-based riders who was making the ride up the fabled mountain of… Continue Reading →

Better, Faster, Bolder. A Different Approach to Jerseys and Triathlon Suits.

In sportswear, technical does not necessarily mean ‘tech’. Instead technical is about approaching product design differently–either by implementing small functional changes or using an entirely new fabric altogether to help in performance enhancements or something truly game-changing. Like Adidas’ implementation of… Continue Reading →

The Inspiration Behind Our Special Edition Women’s Purpose Cycling Jerseys

The story of a weave. A weave always start as a thread. And over many layers of threads something beautiful is crafted. Like a weave, it takes many rides, most times the same ones over and over, until you become… Continue Reading →

Why Apparel? Why Not Tech? The Answer is Why Can’t Apparel be Tech?

Kevin Plank built Under Armour into a $4 billion behemoth. He’s just spent almost $1 billion to get into an entirely new business. Can this decade’s most unlikely tech startup beat Nike? Source: Kevin Plank Is Betting Almost $1 Billion… Continue Reading →

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