PHOTOS: PFBRICK for Powerman Malaysia 2020

We launched a six-week brick training series, PFBRICK, to help participants train for the Powerman Malaysia duathlon race that was originally scheduled for 15 March.

Led by Malaysian SEA Games athlete Ziq Junaidy, who planned the training for each week, we had run-bike-run and bike-run sessions.

Thank you for joining us and it’s a shame that Powerman Malaysia got postponed, but don’t worry we will bring back the PFBRICK series closer to the race in November to help you get up to speed again!

PHOTOS: Seen at Ironman 70.3 Bangsaen 2020

The Southeast Asian endurance racing season kicked off in late February with Ironman 70.3 Bangsaen, Thailand. This race managed to go on, before the world got into lockdown mode due to the COVID-19 situation. We spotted some participants in our trisuits, that kept them cool in the hot weather! If you wore our suits, do tag us on Instagram with @teampurpose.

PURPOSE is officially in India

Earlier this year, we officially entered India, starting with a sponsorship of the Turathlon 2020 in Bangalore. We are also happy to announce that we are now present in India via our distributor Triathlon Solutions.

Endure IQ x SFuels x PURPOSE Ambassador Racing Team 2020

Today, we officially announce the partnership with Endure IQ and SFuels for their Ambassador Racing Team.

This is a US-based athlete-ambassador programme that takes applications and awards the cream of the crop with a range of endurance training programmes, strategies for optimal fueling through LCHF products, and of course, wearing one of the best performing racing kits.

We are superbly happy and honoured that PURPOSE is onboard as a worthy partner in this endeavour. This programme is the beginning of our venture into the US and other notable markets where triathlon and cycling is an elite sport.

Also, this is just the first of a three-part global programme we are going to be involved in this year. More to be announced soon!

PFbrick series for Powerman Malaysia

We are launching the PURPOSE Fellowship Brick series, led by Ziq Junaidy, to help you train in the lead up to the Powerman Malaysia 2020! It will take place every Sunday from 2 February to 8 March at 7.00am. Meeting point is the parking lot of Palace of Justice at Putrajaya.

Here is the training programme:

2 Feb 2020 – 30 min run (easy) > 60km bike (steady) > 5km run (easy)

9 Feb 2020 – 30 min run (easy) > 60km bike (tempo) > 5km run (easy)

16 Feb 2020 – 5km run (easy) > 30km bike (race pace) > 5km run (tempo)

23 Feb 2020 – 2 hours bike (steady) > 30 min run (race pace)

1 Mar 2020 – 1 hour bike (easy) > 30 min run (easy) + 1 hour bike (race pace) > 30 min run (race pace)

8 Mar 2020 – 1.5 hour bike (easy) > 30 min run (easy)

You may go at your own pace, so don’t worry about your timings. The most important thing is we get to train together and motivate each other!

Register your interest at!

Use Waze to get to the parking lot of Palace Of Justice, Jalan P3m, Putrajaya:

PURPOSE Running launch in Malaysia

On the same weekend, we also launched PURPOSE Running in Malaysia at Ahh-Yum by Kampong Kravers at Bukit Damansara. Thank you for coming out to join us on a Sunday morning for a run led by SEA Games athlete Ziq Junaidy and breakfast on us!

You can view the rest of the photos here.

PURPOSE Running launch in Singapore

It was a very exciting weekend for us as we officially launched our all-new PURPOSE Running PRO Performance collection at the new KHcycle at ECP’s Cyclist Park. This is the top tier of our running collection and we will be releasing other tiers in the months to come. We will also release more colourways, as well as other types of apparel such as shorts and long-sleeved tops.

Gathering at 7am in the morning on Saturday (18 January), we set off for an easy 5km run led by our marketing girls Cheryl Tay and Cheryl Wong, as well as our Singapore ambassador Ng Wei Quan. Right after the run, it was breakfast first before our founder Noor gave a presentation on PURPOSE running.

We also released our brand new head bands and socks!

Thank you for joining us! You may view the rest of the photos here.

PURPOSE Performance Wear launches the ‘Most Comfortable Running Kits’ you will ever wear

Three years after its inception, PURPOSE Performance Wear – the only homegrown triathlon suit and cycling kit brand with a consumer base across Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and United States – is extending its technical performance range into running with a line called PURPOSE for Running. Titled Developed by Us, Made by You, this is the same theme that will be driving PURPOSE’s brand campaign and conversations for 2020.

A specialist in premium, technical, high quality performance wear specifically developed and made to cope with the heat and humidity of the tropical region, PURPOSE started out focusing on triathlon, a multisport that involves swimming, cycling and running. Cycling jerseys were the first to be developed and launched in 2017, followed by trisuits later that year.

“Being a technical performance wear brand for triathlon, it was only natural to extend into running. We took three years to do this because I wanted to make sure that we have perfected the technology and innovation in our trisuits and cycling jerseys. Now we are ready to implement this innovation into our new running kits,” said Noor Ashikin Aziz, founder and director of PURPOSE Performance Wear. “This is a milestone in running wear for our local runners,” he added.

The first in the PURPOSE for Running line to be launched is the PRO Performance series that will feature PURPOSE’s unique mesh fabric technology. PURPOSE products are developed and constructed with a combination of lightweight, high air flow-through fabrics made from different polymer, elastane and nylon weaves to provide the best heat dissipation and temperature regulating capability.

The PRO Performance running knit in particular is made of 79% polyester and 21% elastane. This combination advanced fibre weave has been selected for use in this running line because it is one of the thinnest weaves available. It is twice as light compared to its competitors from Europe or Australia in the same category. Light and cooling for humid and dry heat, this is something that many international products fail to address here in this weather.

In line with the product design thinking that drives every PURPOSE’s trisuit and cycling jersey, the running top will be one of, if not the lightest, most breathable, fastest drying running tops one will ever wear. This is backed with results from indoor treadmill and outdoor open field running tests proving that the top does not weigh down or become heavy even when drenched in sweat.

The initial launch of the PURPOSE Running PRO Performance collection includes singlets and long tights for women, as well as singlets, short-sleeved tees and mid-length tights for men. Eventually, there will be shorts, compression tights and long-sleeved tops. There will also be the ELITE Team collection that is catered for daily use by everyday runners.

The PURPOSE Running collection can be purchased at

PURPOSE Ambassador: Fitri Tasfiah

To recover from her shin splint injuries two years ago, Fitri Tasfiah was out of running for a while. It was during this time that she picked up swimming as part of her rehabilitation.

In early 2018, she slowly started to run again but she could only manage 5km. That was when her friend suggested she try a triathlon so she could do swimming and cycling as well, instead of just focusing on running.

Hence, the 34-year-old yoga teacher, host and blogger signed up for the TriBuddies Anniversary Triathlon that was for beginners. “I only had two weeks to prepare for it and I found myself riding a road bike for the first time! I also had to adapt my body to do three sports at one time – swim, bike and run,” she recalled.


PURPOSE Ambassador: Dedy Bunyamin

For someone who thought doing an Ironman race would be impossible for him, Dedy Bunyamin has completed five full distance Ironman races (including the recent Ironman Malaysia) and nine Ironman 70.3 races in the last five years.

“A good friend of mine started doing Ironman first and I slowly picked up an interest as I found that it is boring to just cycle. Then I was influenced by this friend who managed to complete an Ironman even though he wasn’t sporty,” said the 49-year-old business owner.