September and October. As racing season go on, Purpose continues momentum.

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#findyour2017 With the season in full swing in September and October, Purpose began gaining traction in the triathlon and cycling scenes within Singapore and Malaysia. Straight from the high of having proven at the global stage at Race Across America, we began proving ourselves at races around this region.

Purpose-built for the hot, humid conditions of South East Asia, Purpose triathlon suits and cycling kits began powering athletes to top ten and podium positions. It is through these successes that we know we’ve developed not just the most comfortable, but also one of the best performing, premium technical racing suits for triathlons and cycling.

Made by South East Asia, for heat and humidity of South East Asia.

In May & June, we introduced Purpose to the world

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#findyour2017 After incubating for most of 2016; and several product upgrades later, we announced the launch of Purpose Performance Wear in May and June. Hosting two events in Singapore and Malaysia to commemorate this, our mission – to create for South East Asia its own premium range of triathlon and cycling wear, conceived and built for […]